Why not get rid of pimples

Usually when we get pimples because it makes the face ugly and unpleasant, we like to leave them to be planted because of its severity, but we should not touch the pimples. Do you know why? There are 5 reasons, which we will introduce to you in the following. Dr. Julia Tzu, a dermatologist, will explain this to us.

1. You can make the inflammation worse

You want to get rid of pimples because of their appearance, right? But unfortunately, digging and squeezing the boil makes it look worse! “When you break out your pimples, you run the risk of more inflammation,” says Dr. Tzu. All the pressure and tension that you put on your pimple only damages the skin around it and in the long run, it causes more redness and swelling.

۲. You can cause ugly sores

Do you know what is harder to cover than a boil? A wound! When you burst a boil, you spread pus on it and then it gets sore and tempts you to do that sore. This is a vicious cycle, and it is almost impossible to cover the wounds with concealer! But instead, you can treat your pimples with acne medicine and use a little makeup to cover it.

3. The scar may remain

“Having a professional to help you treat acne is very important, because you have to use sterile skills and equipment to prevent scarring,” says Dr. Tzu. So it does not mean that the pimples should never burst, but that you should not burst them. Because doing so can lead to serious scarring.

A dermatologist will assure you that the right pressure is applied to burst the pimple on all sides to minimize the possibility of scarring.


4. Pimples can change the color of the skin

In addition to scarring, the color of the skin around the acne can also change. This is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). PIH is not a scar, but a smooth area that is slightly darker than the surrounding skin. The more inflamed the boil, the more likely you are to develop PIH. Fortunately, this color change returns to normal over time, but it can take up to 2 years!

5. Pimples can lead to infection

Dirty hands, contaminated utensils, and even a non-sterile area such as your bathroom can lead to infection. When you break out a pimple, you are actually tearing the skin, leaving it open for bacteria to enter. “I have seen many cases where a person has cracked acne and this has led to a skin infection or a more severe wound,” says Dr. Tzu. It is not really worth the risk.


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