Why sex is medically good

Sex has a miraculous effect on health, for example, a person who suffers from stress, anxiety, headaches, colds and fevers feel comfortable after sex and all these discomforts disappear. Here are 7 reasons for you

1- Helps to deal with depression

Sex is satisfying and if done regularly, it gives a person a feeling of happiness and peace and is the best treatment to deal with depression.

2- It is an antihistamine

If you have a runny or cold nose, sex will help you a lot and you will be able to breathe. It also reduces asthma attacks and fights hay fever.

3- It causes weight loss

It is like weight training because all the muscles are in the opposite position for a long time and the muscles move and the body is in better shape.

Fights headaches, migraines and sinuses

Always calms down and prevents headaches and migraine headaches

5- Helps repair damaged skin.

Relaxing in love makes the skin glow and prevents skin diseases such as dermatitis, blemishes and pimples. Sex is like a beauty product for the skin

6- Reduces dry hair and makes hair soft and smooth

When you have sex, your body produces some estrogen, which reduces this dry hormone, leaving your hair smoother and smoother.

7. As a sedative

Sex is a natural sedative. You are like a newborn at this time and do not need sleeping pills and sedatives.

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