Why sex should not be done during the engagement

If you intend to stay engaged for a long time, never have sex before marriage. If you want to know the reason, join us:

1. Different people have different views on sex:

For them, sex can mean commitment, entertainment, mere pleasure, intimacy or nothing. It is best not to have sex until you know enough about the person and how he or she views sex. Because, for example, if you look at sex in terms of commitment and intimacy, and in the hope that you will not lose your loved one by having sex, and vice versa, sex is just a pleasure for your loved one, then great sorrow and a sad fate for You figured it out for yourself.

2- No matter how you think, sex will have amazing and important consequences and effects.

3- Sex overshadows your feelings and intensifies, unrestrained or distorts them: The human brain, in its evolutionary process, is designed to release certain chemicals that interrupt the thought process when faced with situations of the possibility of sexual intercourse, such as threatening conditions. In fact, it subconsciously directs you to have sex so that you can continue to reproduce. But are these situations where you want to be with someone you do not know much about? Therefore, in the decisive stage of knowing the person, you will not have enough vigilance to make rational decisions.

4- Sex releases “binding” and “binding” chemicals: Having sex in both sexes causes the release of chemicals that create a sense of attachment in them. Do you want to let your brain’s chemicals decide for you who you belong to? Hold on. You will suffer a lot by doing this when you have to separate from your partner but you are attached to him because of having sex.

5. Sex limits your choice: Sex forces you to make hasty and very early decisions about your relationship, and the more frightening scenario of being pregnant puts you at a disadvantage in making decisions and choices. It is easier to pull yourself out of an unhealthy relationship when you are not having sex with your partner.

6- Waiting and predicting is stressful, but sweet and exciting: Do not deprive each other of it. It is in the nature of man to appreciate what he achieves with more effort and expectation. Also, early sex practically removes the stage of our fantasies and dreams towards our loved one and diminishes the excitement of a lover.

7- Having early and hasty sexual intercourse indicates lack of self-control and lack of respect: When your partner does not give you the opportunity to start sex after knowing enough and based on your intellect and complete satisfaction, or he looks at you only as a sexual tool, he does not really respect you. Also, the inability to control one’s instincts can be evidence of his reluctance and betrayal. Such conclusions may be completely wrong, but why complicate a complex issue?

8- Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases: You should never take risks when you do not know enough about the other person and expose yourself to all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases.

9- Unmotivated men: One of the most important motivations for men to have sex with the opposite sex is the hope of having sex with him. Therefore, girls should not have sex early and in a hurry, because by doing so, they may lose their chance to marry a person to a great extent. Also, girls who have sex too soon will not be respected by men.


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