Why should heart patients not drive?

Doctors advise heart patients not to drive alone. Because they are more likely to have an acute heart attack while driving, such as cardiac arrest or severe cardiac arrhythmia, this can lead to an accident. In this article from Hi doctor We have prepared the reasons why heart patients do not drive. Join us.

Dr. Masoud Eslami, a member of the faculty of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, points out that traveling with heart patients depends on the severity of the person’s disease. The title of driver does not cause a problem. Like people with mild valvular problems or people with controlled blood pressure. The problem arises when a person has severe heart disease and can follow a good trip.

Dr. Eslami advises: Severe heart patients should not drive a car while traveling, as they may have an acute heart attack while driving, such as Heart failure Or severe cardiac arrhythmia. This causes the blood supply to the brain to be disrupted, resulting in an accident and an accident. Therefore, it is necessary for a person with a heart problem to ask his doctor if he is allowed to drive out of town and on the road. Whether he can drive a light car or a heavy car, all of these things have a definite definition in cardiovascular visits. Therefore, it is better for a person with severe heart disease not to drive to avoid possible severe injuries.

In response to the question of what this person should follow as a traveler, he tells our pulse: “Very cold weather and very hot and sultry weather is dangerous for heart patients.” In other words, if a person travels to a place where the weather is hot and humid, he should not leave the house in that air, because it can be deadly for him. It can also be extremely dangerous when a person goes to a place where the winter is cold. It is necessary to cover oneself well because this air can aggravate narrowing of the arteries, which is very dangerous.

Patients with hypertension

People with severe heart disease are more likely to travel to mountainous areas due to reduced oxygen pressure, in other words, they should not climb more than 3,000 meters.

The university professor added: The next point about patients blood pressure These people have high blood pressure and their disease is difficult to control. When a person travels, his diet changes and he no longer feels like eating low-salt food at home, and this may cause high blood pressure. In these cases, he should talk to his doctor and get advice from him. Usually in these cases, the dose of one of the drugs, which is usually a diuretic, can be increased with a doctor’s prescription.

cardiovascular patients

Heart patients who have a heart battery

“New devices that deliver electric shocks to a person, if they are a driver, may lose consciousness the moment they receive an electric shock, and this leads to To crash.

“A patient who has recently had heart surgery or a stent or severe heart failure should avoid long-haul flights,” he said.

Assistant Professor of Cardiology at Tehran University of Medical Sciences added: In long trips, it is better to divide the trip into several sections, because severe travel fatigue can take the disease out of control. The heart patient should be accompanied and not lift the suitcase himself or use a wheelchair, following these tips will help him travel less stress.

Varicose veins patients

“Vascular patients, like people with varicose veins, know that they must wear varicose socks and know that sitting down can make the disease worse,” he says. Another group of patients with arterial disease, such as those who have narrowing of the arteries and the return of blood, ie blood does not reach their feet, it is necessary not to wear socks because less blood reaches their feet and causes problems. Also, DVT patients who have problems with blood clotting should not travel or drive for two weeks after taking the medication.

Dr. Eslami emphasizes: If a person has a background of severe heart disease, he makes a lawless car while traveling and turns in front of him, the person suffers from nervous shock and this severe stress can cause irregular heart rhythm. The important and final point is not to forget the pills for heart patients on the trip, because not taking medicine, the whole body and heart system will collapse.

Source: Our Pulse

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