Why should we cut our hair short for school?

Are head lice specific to people who are socially, economically, culturally and healthily low?

No; Head lice are found in everyone, both in Iran and in the world. Even the people who are at the highest point economically and socially.

Why is lice more common in children?

Because in children, the sebaceous glands are not yet large enough to inhibit the growth of lice.

In what areas do lice live the most?

Insects live in hot and humid places. For example, in the margins of the hair, behind the ears, of course, the scalp is very hot and lice do not like this area.

How are head lice treated and who is at risk?

The treatment is a kind of shampoo that is placed on the head for ten minutes. It should be repeated a week later. All people who live with an infected child, even if they have no symptoms, should use shampoo once. If the patient is a student, it is best to have his or her classmates checked and receive preventative treatment. Remember that excessive shampooing causes skin allergies and twice is enough. All personal items that can be boiled should be boiled and if they are not boiled, put them in a bag for a while. In this way, the lice are eliminated. Because lice need to suck human blood to survive.

Is head lice specific to children?

No. It is also seen in adults, but lice are more common between the ages of six and 12, but may also be seen in adults.

Why do some people still see insects on their heads after a month of treatment?

Despite treatment, lice may appear in the head for up to a month, and if it is mild, the disease has improved, and if it is severe, the person may be infected.

Does lice provide immunity?

No. A person may even get the disease several times.

How can head lice be distinguished from dandruff?

Lice eggs attach to the hair shaft and do not move; It is white and grayish in color, but dandruff is easily replaced.

Is hair cutting one of the first steps in treatment?

No. Haircuts may help, but since girls love their hair, this method is not highly recommended, if the person is obsessed, we recommend that they cut their hair short.

How long does a female lice live when it comes out of its head?

It survives 36 to 72 hours, because lice have to suck blood every four to six hours to survive.

What advice do you have for parents and school parents?

Parents should not be upset when they face a problem and blame someone, they should treat their child and inform the school authorities so that other students, especially their classmates, can be checked and preventive treatment if necessary. In case of encountering an infected student, school officials should take his treatment seriously and take care of the health of other students.

Source: Jam Online

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