With these simple tips, follow sexual hygiene

Fortunately, with the holding of several classes on sexual health in universities and high schools, health tips have been somewhat informed and at least half of young people and adolescents are relatively aware of this issue. But in such circles, not all issues can be stated and there are important points about sex that we are unaware of. To have healthy sex, you need to know the health tips of sex. In the following, we will refer to these points. Take excess hair seriously
In the past decades, different opinions have been expressed about the excess hair of men and women. You need to know that excess hair has a purpose. Excess hair is said to help keep the genital area clean and warm and comfortable when penetrating. Genital hair and underarm hair are also said to release the chemical pheromone, which helps people absorb each other.

Simply prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases
Many common sexual activities can lead to skin damage or bleeding. That is why it is recommended to use a condom. Just don’t pay attention to the fact that you only have problems if you bleed. Many of these injuries are very small, but even the smallest injury or tear in the skin can transmit a sexually transmitted disease.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing
Loose clothing, whether underwear or pants, is suitable for sexual function. High pressure and temperature can affect fertility and cause infection. Wear appropriate clothing when exercising, but then wash your body and clothing thoroughly.

Check each other out
Spouses care about each other’s health and can check for abnormalities. Things like redness, bumps, blisters or herpes should be considered. You should note that many sexually transmitted diseases do not have visible symptoms. Therefore, an annual examination is necessary.

Put the obsession aside
Wash your body once a day after sweating to prevent unpleasant odors. Soap and water are all you need (even soap is not a safe choice for women), so you do not need to look for special products and fragrances because they can only cause allergies without much help. It is unnecessary to do anything more than the usual washing.

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