Women are more vulnerable to HIV

Why the number of AIDS is increasing day by day and it has affected many people, did you know that women are more susceptible to it than men and are more vulnerable than men in this regard, and in this regard, you should be very cautious and careful be!

The head of the AIDS research center warned about the growing trend of AIDS in women. Mino Mehrez said about the methods of contracting this disease in women, while pointing out that the risk of infection is higher due to unprotected sexual relations in women, he said: HIV infection among women is mostly through unprotected sexual relations and then through addiction.

In the statistics of many countries, most of the women who are infected with AIDS have received the virus through sexual contact with an infected male sexual partner. In the relationship between male and female sexual partners, women are physically more prepared than men to receive the virus. This fact carries a message and that is that special attention should be given to women in dealing with the epidemic and more support should be given to them.

The information obtained from different research shows that, in sexual contact between men and women, women are twice as likely to receive the virus from their infected sexual partners as compared to men.

In Iran, if we accept the official statistics of people infected with the virus through infected syringes and also the belief that most of these people are men and considering that these people probably have families and spouses, in addition to cases The above will indicate the high risk of transmission of contamination among Iranian women. In this way, from the beginning of the decade, it was very likely that the number of infected women would exceed the number of men, unless in practice, measures were taken to prevent it. But such a thing did not happen with the initial concealments.

October 13, 2014 23:59

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