Women’s interest in caressing after intimacy

Why do most women need caress after sex and want their husband to love them and do not enjoy sex without feelings and hate sex without intimacy and emotion? Why is this important to them?

One of the questions that may have occupied the minds of men about women is why their husbands need to hug and caress after sex? Experts answer: During orgasm, a powerful chemical called oxytocin is released in the brain, which inspires feelings of intimacy and closeness.

This is why it is often referred to as the “caress hormone” because oxytocin makes you feel strongly attached to your partner. Of course, there is much more testosterone in men’s brains that can counteract some of the effects of oxytocin, which explains why men can have sex without feeling intimate, when women can’t.

It is this hormone that explains why women want to be petted after sex, but men often tend to drink a glass of water and then go to sleep.

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