Women’s wrestling by men

Sometimes behaviors such as sexual violence, sexual arousal, abnormal sexual desires, requesting a relationship in inappropriate time and place, not paying attention to a woman’s sexual needs, not paying attention to a woman’s psychological needs after intercourse, paying attention to achieving ejaculation only for herself and asking Having sex often and boringly by men can create a sense of belonging in women’s minds about their bodies.

Gentlemen, do not look at women as objects

Much research and effort is being done to educate women and girls to restore their dignity in a society where ideals of appearance are paramount, but in this article we look at it from another angle. How men and boys can regain their dignity by changing their view of women. The perception of today’s society is that when men encounter a woman, they become weak creatures who have no hope of controlling the way they look at that woman, and they always look at her like a sexual object and are definitely aroused. But this idea is a big lie.

This text is written by a woman blogger who expresses her views on the harms of having a physical appearance on women. She writes about her plans for a future conversation with her son:

“I will talk to my son one day. No, not about something that all parents are afraid of and that all children hate hearing. I’m talking about something else. I’re just waiting to catch his wrist doing what most good men can do. It means gazing and pursuing a lustful object. It doesn’t matter where it happens, on the beach or in a mall, the important thing is that I finally get to see my son do it. And that’s the time for this conversation:

Come on my son, I want to talk to you. I saw that you were looking at that girl. I do not want to judge you or blame you. I know why you do this. I understand. But we need to talk about it because the way you look at women is very important.

Many people may try to tell you that women should be careful about how they dress so as not to be tempted by men to look down on them. But this is my word. It is the duty of a woman to dress every morning and it is your duty Look at a human eye, regardless of the clothes you wear. You may be tempted to Blame women for your views, But this is not true. Do not try to play the role of a victim. You have complete control over your eyes. You have to practice this control. Practice your eyes to Eyes Look at that and Just look at her, not her clothes or her body. When you try to play the role of a victim, you are caught in the lie that you are just an embodied reaction to external stimuli that is not able to distinguish right from wrong and man from flesh.

look at me. This is a ridiculous lie.

You are much more than that. And the woman you look at It is much more than the clothes he wears. It is much more than his body and limbs. There is a lot of talk about men having an instrumental view of women, which is largely true. People turn what they like into an object to control. If you really love someone, do not reduce them to one thing. When you look at other people – male or female – as objects, you have lost your humanity.

There are two views on the dress code of women that you have to accept. One view is that women should dress in a way that attracts the attention of men. Another view says that women should dress in such a way as to protect themselves from men. My son, you are better than both of these views. A woman, or any other human being, should not wear clothes that attract your attention, you should pay full attention to her just because she is a human being, worthy of their attention and personality. On the other hand, a woman should not feel that she has to protect herself from you. It’s you who has to control yourself.

Unfortunately, most interactions between the sexes are rooted in fear. Fear of rejection, fear of abuse, fear of losing control. We are afraid of each other because we have learned that otherwise it is dangerous. We have learned that the body of a woman leads a man to sin. We have learned that if a woman shows more parts of her body, men will do stupid things. Let me be clear: a woman’s body is not dangerous to you. His body will not harm you. It does not make you do stupid things. If you do stupid things, it’s because You decided to do these things yourself. So do not associate it with the fear that exists between men and women.

The body of a beautiful, extraordinary and mysterious woman. Respect this body by respecting women as human beings who have hopes, desires, experiences, feelings, and belongings. Let him have self-confidence too. Encourage him. But do not do all this because you think he is weaker than you. This is the most absurd thing that is usually heard in society. Women are by no means weaker than men.

By all means, I did not mean that you should not look at women. Quite the opposite. I wanted to say that you have to see women, you really have to see them. Not just with your eyes but with your heart. Do not look at the way that arouses your feelings, look at the woman as she should Look at a human being. My hope is that changing your view of women will change your relationship with them. You should not just be around them. You have to be a reliable and trustworthy person by their side.

Because in the end they want to be with you. “Without fear of being judged, embarrassed, humiliated, accused, and so on, this is not what women want, this is what everyone wants.”

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