Working principles of family health clinics

We want to point out how family health clinics work. In what fields do family and sex health clinics have references? How do these clinics work? Who comes to these centers more? The private issues of people’s lives are examined in these clinics. خوا

The technical deputy of the Ministry of Health’s Family, Population and Schools Health Department announced the readiness of the infrastructure to set up “sexual and family health clinics”.

Dr. Mohammad Eslami said about the latest status of family and sexual health clinics: “Currently, there are clinics in this field in some cities of the country, but there are differences with each other.” Our goal is to achieve a uniform framework and to have a comprehensive body of relevant specialists, some of whom are physicians and some non-physicians.

He continued: “In these clinics, we need gynecologists, urologists, endocrinologists, infectious, internal medicine, psychiatrists, psychologists, clerics and lawyers familiar with marital issues, and in fact, it should be said that this is the logic of family and sexual health clinics.” We want these specialties to be together so that families are not confused.

The technical deputy of the Ministry of Health’s Family, Population and Schools Health Department also added: “A framework should have been created on how to treat the families who refer to these clinics, and this framework has already been established.” The composition of the specialists present in these clinics, their qualifications and conditions, and the universities of medical sciences that were willing to cooperate have also been determined so far.

According to Islami, about 75 to 80 percent of the infrastructure of these clinics has been established and they are currently in the process of selecting people according to the criteria.

He also added: The Supreme Leader of the Revolution emphasizes that great care should be taken in this matter, and also the most important issue for him is those who are supposed to provide services in clinics; Because they are supposed to be consulted about the private matters of people’s lives.

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