Wrong methods of skin care

Care and hygiene in order to rejuvenate and reduce skin wrinkles are very important to people, especially women, but sometimes women make mistakes in choosing skin care methods and harm their skin with the wrong method.
According to the reporter of the clinic area of ​​the Scientific Medical Department of the Journalists Club; In their latest research, the experts found that performing various skin and beauty services should be performed by a specialist according to each person’s skin type, because there is a possibility of misdiagnosis and causing skin damage by non-specialists.

People have many skin types, including normal skin, dry skin, and oily skin, each of which requires its own skin care.

One of the most common skin problems is the occurrence of subcutaneous and black pimples that people want to get rid of with various home and medicinal methods.

These types of pimples occur for various reasons, including hormonal changes, the use of certain medications, the accumulation of microbes and bacteria under the skin, improper nutrition, consumption of sweets, high-fat foods, and so on.

Even if your skin does not have an acne problem, you still need to take care of your facial skin so that it does not suffer from wrinkles and sagging.

Many people have acne problems in adulthood, while they did not face this problem in their youth.

The first step in skin care is a healthy diet and washing the skin with the right detergent.

Every detergent is suitable for a specific type of skin and buying it without care and expertise can cause damage to your skin.

Among the common mistakes that many women make is using different masks and scrubs and cleaning the skin in beauty centers.

Cleansing the skin includes removing the impurities under the skin and preventing pimples and blackheads, but this should be done by a specialist and by checking the skin type.

Cleansing the skin can cause inflammation and pimples in some people due to irritation of the dermis and skin epidermis.

The skin of the face, like the ear canal, automatically cleans and removes toxic substances, but in some people, acne and pimples occur due to the excessive opening of the skin pores and the entry of contaminated substances from the external environment.

People with normal skin do not need to cleanse their skin, and washing their face with lukewarm water and allowing the skin to dry can prevent them from developing acne.

People with dry skin are more likely to develop skin wrinkles, these people should use a suitable moisturizing cream after washing their skin.

One of the best ways to clean dirt and fat from the surface of the skin is by using a microdermabrasion device, which must be performed by a dermatologist.

In this method, the doctor uses a special device and powder to exfoliate the surface of the skin and shrink the open skin pores.

After finishing the treatment, which should be done at least once a month, the patient should use appropriate restorative and sunscreen creams so that his facial skin is not damaged.

By following the above, you can enjoy young and beautiful skin at any age.

Source/journalists’ club

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