Yellowing of nail color

Why do nails sometimes turn yellow? What are the important causes for nail discoloration? How can this complication be treated?

Studies show that yellowing of fingernails and toenails can be directly related to health and should not be taken lightly.

Yellowing of fingernails and toenails can have different symptoms, but the following factors can be considered as the most important causes of yellowing of nails:

-Liver disease (jaundice)
Pulmonary diseases (lack of oxygen causes yellowing of nails)
Kidney diseases (kidney diseases are one of the reasons for increased bilirubin in the body and yellowing of nails)
Lack of vitamins
Iron and zinc deficiency
Airway injury
-Lung infections
– Thyroid diseases
In addition to the above, which are the most common symptoms of yellow nails, other conditions can also cause this complication.

* Fungal infections
Fungal and bacterial infections are one of the most important causes of yellow nails. Toenails are often exposed to moisture, heat and a variety of bacteria; Therefore, they are a suitable substrate for the growth of various fungi. This problem can be treated with a short course of antifungal drugs. In addition, it is recommended that the feet be massaged with salt water every night and that shoes be avoided.

* Excessive use of varnish
Varnish is one of the reasons for discoloration of nails. Continuous varnishing and implantation of the nail causes a layer to always be placed on the nail and in addition to not getting enough oxygen to the nail, it is a place for fungi to grow.

* Cigarettes
Smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke also cause discoloration of the nails.

**** Some natural ways to get rid of yellow nails

**sour lemon
Sour lemon makes nails clearer and eliminates yellow color. For this purpose, it is enough to dip your fingers in lemon juice solution twice a day and brush with a soft toothbrush. After a few days, you will see the color of your nails change.

Mix four tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide with half a cup of water and keep the nails in it for two minutes. In less than a week, the yellowing of the nails disappears.

**baking soda
A mixture of baking soda, lemon juice and olive oil is a wonderful concoction to relieve yellow nails.
Toothpaste containing bleach
To whiten nails, you can put some toothpaste containing bleach on the nails two or three times a week and massage it with a soft brush for 5 minutes.

** Tea tree oil
Nail massage with tea tree oil is a simple way to get rid of nail fungus and whiten it.


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