You can lose 5 kg in a few minutes

To lose weight and reach the ideal weight, you should plan and predict a diet suitable for the body anatomy and do not use advertising and market tempting methods, because these methods may harm the health of the body.

Losing weight and losing weight is one of the hardest things to do

Losing weight and losing weight is one of the hardest things to do. If you are looking to know how much you can lose 5 kg in a short time, do not miss reading this article.

You must have heard that some people expect to lose weight at a rate of half or one kilogram per week. But you all know that weight loss is not always achieved simply and consistently.

To find out how long it takes for most people to lose 5 or 4.5 pounds, researchers used information from a popular weight loss program in the United States and found that the average user lost about 7 weeks, and 90 Percentage of them have had this weight loss in less than 13 weeks.

The good news is that for most people, losing 5 pounds takes more than 5 weeks (you see, you are not alone!) And that it can be done in 3 months. But if you want to lose 5 kilos, you have to keep this in mind: everyone has their own unique speed in losing weight.

Based on the calculations that are available, it is determined how many calories each person should reduce in order to lose the weight they want. However, in reality, people lose weight at different speeds. It is not the speed of weight loss that matters, but its stability.

For example, people who are obese may lose weight at a high rate, but people who are not overweight lose the same amount of weight at a slower rate. As long as you have the ability to maintain weight loss, the speed of weight loss will no longer matter.

Weight loss will not always be achieved simply and consistently

Although rapid weight loss is tempting and no one likes to experience it, always manage your desires and choose a path that is smart and healthy. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. That weight will return very soon.

Start with a few small changes before entering a new challenge. For example, before you start a new diet, you may want to give up your last night snack or add vegetables to all your meals. Many people want to do everything together to lose weight, but this is not possible and they give up after a short time.

If you do not lose weight as fast as you would like, something – or things – may be causing you problems. Sometimes people who lose weight at the desired speed make small mistakes. This mistake can be eating a large meal, using bread and pasta in most meals, eating late at night or sometimes smuggling.

To lose weight, whatever you do, you must make sure in advance that the weight lost is lasting. Sometimes some people want to lose weight through certain diets and exercise programs (usually unconventional), but there is an important question that they must answer before taking action: Can you follow the rest of your life? Continue from this program?

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. Losing weight becomes more difficult every time you lose weight and come back. So before you start a diet plan, ask yourself this question and if not, think of another way. Make sure your routine is something you can stick to forever.

If you have already lost weight and want to make sure you are losing weight, it is recommended that you eat a balanced diet and continue exercising regularly. After losing weight (and even during it) you need to be flexible in choosing food.

With a balanced diet that includes all the important food groups, you can get used to eating right. Exercising regularly also helps your body stay in shape and not lose the effort you put in. So the speed of weight loss is different for each other and if you see your friend losing weight faster than us, you should not worry.

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