You should never put these ten things on your face

Early and home skin treatments have many benefits. But because we consider the Internet as our main focus, tips, and instructions, what we make at home is not always something that can help our skin in the long run..

These 10 different products and ingredients are among the worst substances that cause dry and irritated skin and may lead to serious skin problems..

baking soda

While baking soda scrub texture is similar to the exfoliating products we know and love, PH It is very, very alkaline for use on the skin!

the balance PH It is essential for skin health. PH The skin is naturally between 4.5 to 5, while PH Baking soda is 9’s. Using substances that are too alkaline can damage the skin’s natural protective layer..

This layer is very important for repelling harmful bacteria. The use of baking soda on the skin, removes a lot of skin moisture and also reduces the skin’s ability to repair itself..


PH Lemon juice is 2 and on the other side of the scale PH It is located and is very very acidic!

Just as sucking a lemon can destroy tooth enamel, placing a pure lemon directly on the skin stimulates and inactivates the acidic layer of the skin.. Citrus oils are toxic to light. This means that exposure to sunlight can increase the amount of burning and irritation to such an extent that it causes burns..

Hair spray

Most hair products can cause irritation when they come in contact with the skin, but hair spray is more dangerous because some people use it as an alternative to makeup stabilizing spray.!

Applying a little hair spray on the face is not important when you use it on the hair; But if you use it on the face, it dries the skin, clogs the pores of the skin, and makes it irritated..

Do not use hair spray on the face and instead choose a product that is really made to fix makeup..


Toothpaste is another quick fix that is more harmful than helpful! Toothpaste is full of ingredients that, although apparently not harmful to the skin, cause dryness and irritation of the skin..

It is true that toothpaste dries pimples, but it also removes moisture from the surrounding areas and, chemically, has the potential to burn the skin and cause dark sores that you can not heal with any home remedy.. Use benzoyl peroxide or a little tea tree oil instead.


Vaseline can help retain moisture in very dry and brittle skin, as well as protect cuts, insect bites and other wounds from the air.. But it is not a good long-term treatment or emollient.

After using it, the skin looks softer at first, but as soon as Vaseline retains moisture, this emollient layer also absorbs thick, dirt and dirt, and can actually cause dryness over time.. Because it prevents excess air and moisture.

I repeat: Vaseline does not actually moisturize the skin, but preserves what is already in your skin, including bad and harmful things.!

hot water

A hot shower feels good, but it completely removes moisture from the outer layer of your skin. Hot water reduces the natural oils of the epidermis layer and destroys the protective layer that prevents the skin from losing moisture, leading to dry and unbalanced skin..

If you have naturally oily or puffy skin, drying it will cause a reaction that will lead to more oily skin.. Always use lukewarm water instead of hot water and minimize hot showers, especially in winter when the skin is more prone to dryness and itching..


Hydrogen peroxide is used as a mild disinfectant in injuries such as cuts and burns and is one of the best ways to prevent infection, but is not suitable for treating acne..

Oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide, due to their abrasive nature, can burn the skin and cause blisters due to oxidative pressure.. In addition, hydrogen peroxide is a common allergen that can cause inflammation and burns of the skin..

body lotion

The skin on other parts of your body is thicker and more resistant than the skin on your face. For this reason, most body lotions contain more fragrance and fewer nutrients than facial moisturizers..

This does not mean that every body moisturizer is unsuitable for the face, but for softer facial skin, you should use softer and higher quality ingredients than those commonly used in body lotions..

Ordinary body lotions should not be used on dry skin, even when necessary, as their ingredients can actually lead to more dry face, clogged pores, and possible allergic reactions..


We know that eating too much sugar is bad for the skin, but using it as a homemade facial scrub can also be harmful.!

Facial skin is much thinner than skin on other parts of the body. So while sugar and olive oil can make your feet smooth and beautiful, the texture of these seeds is too rough for a thin and fragile epidermis..

This is true of many scrubs and exfoliators, even some of which are marketed for facial skin.. They are supposed to smooth the skin, but their rough edges on the skin make small cuts and cause premature aging of the skin..

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol, like hydrogen peroxide, is a disinfectant and antibacterial agent used to sterilize wounds to prevent infection, to clean the house, andIs used.

You may feel that it is good for the skin because it causes a feeling of coolness and tingling on the skin, but alcohol is one of the most important and drying substances that you should not put on your skin..

this material, DNA Kills bacteria and human skin cells and leads to dryness and production of dead skin cells. Before buying a toner or firming face, always check to make sure it does not contain isopropyl alcohol, as it scratches the skin and causes more pores and excessive oil production in the skin..

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