You will make your body sick with canned food

With the mechanization of today’s lives, the use of canned foods has gained many fans and its use is seen abundantly among working people.

Although it seems very convenient to replace canned food in a busy day, but if you know more about the dangers of these products, you will definitely give up their continuous consumption:

According to newsweek, here are 6 reasons that prove to you that consuming canned food is not much better than fresh food:

Bisphenol A toxic substance: This toxic substance is present in canned food. This substance causes problems such as nervous disorders, reproductive disorders, type 2 diabetes and the risk of cancer, obesity, etc. Bisphenol A increases acidity in the product and makes it more toxic.

Getting CancerAccording to the Global Fund study, there is a direct relationship between the consumption of processed canned meat and the occurrence of cancer.

Preservative: Canned foods contain various preservatives that are very harmful to health.

Salt: Salt prevents food from spoiling, and for this reason, it is added to canned food in a large amount. If salt is consumed, it threatens the health of people, especially children and the elderly, pregnant women and anyone suffering from chronic diseases.

Aluminum poisoning: Did you know that packaging materials are contaminated with aluminum? Unfortunately, due to their lightness and cost-effectiveness, it is used to package the mentioned products. A high concentration of aluminum in the body causes diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Poor food quality: Products that are not of high quality are canned because they can be consumed after a long time. If you want to eat fresh, high-quality food, avoid canned foods.

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