Your body’s reactions during sex

Sex is an experience that can increase the love between men and women. In this relationship, men and women experience different stages. We have divided these steps into 4 categories. Join us to know these steps

Step 1: Stimulation

In the stimulation phase, the body prepares for intercourse by raising the pulse rate and tightening the muscles. In men, blood flows to the penis, causing it to enlarge and tighten, a phenomenon known as an erection. In women, the walls of the vagina become moist, the inner part of the vagina becomes wider, and the clitoris becomes larger.

Second stage: arousal

During the sexual arousal phase, breathing becomes intense and muscle stiffness continues. The glands at the head of the penis become swollen and the testicles enlarge. In women, the external vagina shrinks and the clitoris contracts.

Step 3: Orgasm

In the climax of sexual pleasure or orgasm, the muscular-muscular pressures accumulated in the previous stages are released in a few seconds. An event that does not cause ejaculation in men. In women, the vagina begins to contract regularly, and in men, the penis shrinks to expel sperm and semen.

Step 4:

Eventually, in the relaxation phase, the penis returns to its previous position, and in women, the vagina and the rest of the genitals return to their original state before stimulation.

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