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You’ve Got To Try This Easy Creamy Mushroom Alfredo (Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Free!)

If there’s anything I’ve missed since going raw, it’s Alfredo sauce. Thankfully, the raw vegan equivalent tastes just as good, if not better.

This creamy mushroom alfredo is raw, vegan and gluten-free (and tastes amazing!). It’s a recipe I found in Rawlicious Magic, a low-fat, raw vegan recipe book that contains some of the tastiest recipes around. The best thing about this mushroom alfredo is that you can basically eat as much of it as you want without feeling guilty (how awesome is that?).

Jenee’s book, Rawlicious Magic, contains a host of other mouth-watering recipes like:
– Sundried Tomato Hummus & Noodles
– Pesto Pasta
– Summer Nectarine & Spinach Surprise Salad
– Tasty Raw Vegan Tacos
– Luscious Low-Fat Lasagna
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– Decadent Date Balls
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– Mint Choc-Chip Ice Cream
…and many more! PLUS she includes her own salt-free ferments!! (super excited to try some of these, as I only consume natural salt found in fruit and veggies)

Easy Creamy Mushroom Alfredo Recipe


– 4 large Zucchinis or cucumbers, peeled Flesh from a young coconut
– 1⁄4 cup coconut water or water (enough to get blender turning to turn the blender)
– 2 handfuls of mushrooms, sliced
– 1-2 stalks green onions (spring onions) or 1⁄2 a small red onion, finely chopped


1. Blend the coconut flesh and coconut water to turn the blender. Blend well until the sauce is smooth and creamy.
2. Spiralize the zucchinis and put them in a bowl.
3. Put the spring onion and mushrooms in the bowl, keeping a little of each to sprinkle on top as garnish.
4. Add the coconut cream and mix really well so the cream coats all the noodles and veggies!

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