Zero to one hundred genital warts

often for Treatment of genital warts From the method Freezing or freezing use. This complication through sex transmitted unprotected. You will learn how to perform this treatment method in this section.

Genital Wartsis a kind of complication that in The genital area It is created and may spread to other places. These warts, generally through Sexual infections are transferred as Human papilloma virus or HPV, one of the ways to treat this disease, Freezing genital warts Is.

To destroy Genital Warts There are different options, but freezing the genital wart is an option due to the sensitivity of the tissue location treatment It is suitable. freezing method Genital Warts According to the size and The thickness of the wartThe treatment may be done 1 to 4 times with an interval of 1 to 3 weeks.

Approximately 85% of the affected area can be frozen in the first 3 sessions. Let’s see now What is a genital wart? And how is genital warts frozen?

Ways of transmission of genital warts

Genital Wartsinitially through direct contact sexual It spreads and can be in different places like vaginapelvis, cervix, urethra, penisscrotum and groin also appear.

Once you are infected with the HPV virus, it is almost impossible to cure it because it virusIt stays in your body forever.

The best way to treat genital warts

You may have a period of time Genital Warts Do not know in your body, while this virus was present in your body. Any type of infection Genital warts It can last from a few weeks to a few months and there are several ways to get rid of them.

Since there is no way to rid the body of this virus, the only treatment option will be to control the problem. One of these types of treatment is freezing Genital Warts or cryotherapy.

Although these methods may be different, but it must be said that the goal is the same. The purpose of Treatment of genital warts, reducing or eliminating them. Most doctors recommend that from one Topical cream Or gel be used as the first defense method.

Genital warts, diagnosis of genital warts, photos of genital warts

Genital Warts

mostly surgery It is considered a stronger method and the last option. about Urethral warts and cervix, may be more difficult to freeze due to their very sensitive location and tissue.

In the meantime, freezing them is almost a good option Treatment of genital warts Is. It is very important that you seek the help of a skilled practitioner regarding freezing.

during freezing Genital Warts If liquid nitrogen to The skin around the wart If it spreads, healthy skin cells are destroyed and cause unwanted damage. A skilled doctor can carefully Nitrogen apply on the warts without damaging the surrounding areas.

Genital Warts It may be inside, outside or around vaginal area be created They appear with a pink or red color in or around the genitals and sometimes take the form of a cluster.

Also, they may grow and spread rapidly. They are usually painless; But sometimes it may cause mild pain, itching or Bleeding become

According to the studies, it has been determined that freezing therapy is not a definitive treatment in all cases. Because in some cases it causes Recurrence of warts will be

There is another type of genital warts called mild genital warts. The photo of mild genital warts is very similar to other types of genital warts.

Freezing or freezing of genital warts

It may take a few weeks Genital warts Appear in the genital area. Appearance of genital wartsIt depends on the type, area and size of the wart. If your warts are very small, the same color as the skin and not completely recognizable, then there is no need to treat them because they will disappear with time.

However, if wart Yours have grown enough Cluster-like have been, or cause mild anemia, you can treat them with Local methods And Physical discharge Or surgery delete

Cryotherapy (freezing warts) and Burning wartstwo methods of physical evacuation that doctors for Removal of genital warts use.

In genital wart freeze, from Cooling material is used Cooling agents such as a mixture of salt and ice and snow are carbon dioxide. In addition, liquid nitrogen, usually for Treatment of genital warts It is used in men.

Wart cryotherapy

In the genital wart freezing treatment method, warts are removed through freezing with Liquid nitrogen delete If the warts are large, they are usually reduced and liquid nitrogen is applied to the site. Nitrogen spray, inside and around wound area, apply. Although this process can be a bit painful, the result will be almost ideal.

During each genital wart freezing session, the warts are frozen again in order to achieve better results. This type of treatment is usually for Wart treatment The small ones are specifically inside or Near the penis are created

Warts can also be destroyed through cryocytolysis. However, this procedure is not performed in patients with poor diabetes control.

in using Freezing genital warts (cryotherapy), the skill and experience of the doctor can affect the effectiveness and treatment. It should also be said that the freezing method is effective in treating dry and wet warts.

freezing method Genital Warts It involves removing the wart by freezing it, but in fact it is heat transfer that causes the removal of the wart. Liquid nitrogen used by doctors has a very low boiling point -196 degrees Celsius.

Exposed liquid nitrogen wart is placed, the heat of the person’s body is transferred to the liquid, and this causes the nitrogen to immediately boil. by transfer Temperatures Continuous freezing to wart tissue, a steady flow to wart texture Directed.

Another method, incl cell death during which the injured cells are frozen when exposed to the very low temperature of liquid nitrogen.

liquid nitrogen in The depth of the wart Entered and this work continues until all the warts quickly deep freeze to be The real cureoccurs during the freezing process.

In each frozen cell, a liquid forms in the form of an ice crystal. At this stage, cell death occurs due to freezing.

Women need to detect and prevent the spread HPV virus and having genital warts, perform pap smear tests regularly.

Inflammation: One of the natural responses to damaged cell death is inflammation. This helps the finishing process to destroy the wart completely. Because inflammation is created in dead cells and viral particles and destroys them.

In cryotherapy or genital wart freezing, the amount of cold to kill Genital warts is used. Although many other factors are involved in this.

Genital warts, diagnosis of genital warts, photos of genital warts

Preparation before freezing genital warts

Before the treatment, all the points related to genital wart freezing are announced by the doctor to the patient. These descriptions include information about cryotherapy (freeze), how it compares to other treatments, simulated procedures, and the recovery process.

Cryotherapy is usually performed in a doctor’s office. In some cases, your doctor may use local anesthesia for Wart treatment Use to prevent pain during treatment. This method does not take much time. For larger warts, you may have more visits.

Remember that if you intend Genital warts remove it, you have to see your doctor. Generally, genital warts are mainly seen in women and are more at risk. Remember, before treatment with herbal and home remedies for Removal of genital wartsConsult a doctor.

Care after genital wart freezing

Depending on the number of warts and their location, the recovery period may vary between 1 and 3 weeks. Warts usually heal within 2 weeks without significant scarring. The following may occur after treatment:

– Fever

– Bleeding at the treatment site

– Continuous bleeding and pain

– Pain in the frozen area

– Discharge of water from the vagina, which may occur about 1 to 3 weeks after the treatment.

– Irritated nerves that seem to be frozen by the red arteries in the area, which eventually heal. This problem may be seen after repeated freezing.

– Discharge of yellow secretions with a bad smell that may cause an infection, in these cases a doctor should be consulted.

It is recommended that after the freezing operation, from Sexual intercourse Avoid until the area heals. Instead of tampons, women should use from 2 to 3 weeks Sanitary napkins to use Warts may recur because skin infections around the wound area cause recurrence wart to be

important points

Other methods such as drug therapy may also improve your genital warts. Although it is not approved much and it may take a long time. Genital warts go away over time, so a Treatment option is to wait until they are removed from the surface of the body.

– Never on the surface warts Do not scratch as this may cause further damage and discomfort. Apple cider vinegar is effective in recovery after treatment. For this purpose, soak a cotton pad with vinegar on the affected area and clean it after ten minutes of drying. Castor oil and garlic are also effective in the recovery of the patient.

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– Touching the wart or Scratching the wart causes it to spread to other parts of the body. Women need to regularly detect and prevent the spread of HPV and genital warts. Pap smear test Do.

Pap smear test

– According to the studies, it has been determined that freeze therapyin all cases, certain cure is not considered Because in some cases Recurrence of warts have seen.

However, the patient with Genital Warts which is infected by the HPV virus. In other words, keep in mind that this virus has not left the body, and for this reason, even after freezing treatment, Necessary care carried out

– In case of continuous bleeding after treatment Genital WartsCall your doctor immediately. A wound infection may also lead to swelling, pain, or redness, so antibiotics may be prescribed to reduce the infection.

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